COVID Cases in Sumo Not the Reason for Cancellation says Shibatayama

April 4th was a big day in sumo news media, with 18 articles in the Grand Sumo section of Nikkan Sports alone. Public relations director Shibatayama offered a bit of insight into the Japan Sumo Association’s decisions to cancel Natsu Basho and to move the July tournament from Nagoya to Tokyo, and popular rikishi gaveContinue reading “COVID Cases in Sumo Not the Reason for Cancellation says Shibatayama”

Summer Tournament Officially Canceled

It has been decided that Natsu Basho will be canceled altogether. This decision came after Japan’s state of emergency, which was originally to expire on May 6th, was extended to May 31st. Natsu Basho 2020 will be the first canceled honbasho since the “yaocho” match fixing scandal of early 2011 forced a shut down ofContinue reading “Summer Tournament Officially Canceled”

Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday

According to Shibatayama-oyakata, a final decision on whether or not to hold Natsu Basho could be made by the Japan Sumo Association as soon as May 4th, the same day that the government is expected to make an announcement regarding the extension of a state of emergency. “I believe the sumo association will make aContinue reading “Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday”

Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD

Mitakeumi is making a return to Sekiwake after 10 wins in March. Excited to be standing at sumo’s third highest rank for the 12th time, despite the uncertain chances that he will get to flaunt it later this month, the expert belt fighter has been working hard to prepare. “I’m focusing on basic exercises, takingContinue reading “Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD”

Natsu Banzuke is Published!

As scheduled, the rankings chart was published early on the 27th. 695 wrestlers representing 45 stables make up the ranking chart for May. The top division ranks are listed here with a stable and origin discussion below. East MAKUUCHI West Hakuho Yokozuna Kakuryu Takakeisho Ozeki Asanoyama Shodai Sekiwake Mitakeumi Daieisho Komusubi Okinoumi Endo Maegashira 1Continue reading “Natsu Banzuke is Published!”

No Plans to Cancel Summer Sumo

Spokesman Shibatayama-oyakata clarified on Sunday that sumo officials are still gunning for a Natsu Basho starting on May 24th. These comments on the back of bad news from Takadagawa stable have us wondering if this is in any way safe. After a nerve wracking two weeks, during a month when most major sports were alreadyContinue reading “No Plans to Cancel Summer Sumo”